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“duck_animal” by Jasper Elings, 2011

17 March, 2014 by


by Jasper Elings, 2011

Vision Quest 2013 — Mark Your Calendars, Nov 21–23 at MANA Contemporary

9 November, 2013 by



November 21–23 2013 at Mana Contemporary
2233 S. Throop St. Chicago, IL, 60608 (map) — 7pm
Curated by Andrew Rosinski & Fern Silva

Aloha folks, mark your calendars for Vision Quest 2013 — which is less than two weeks away — and will feature an abundance of new media art, video art, internet art vids, and avant-garde film, with subsequent new media performances and after parties.

This years festival will run Thursday–Saturday (11/21-11/23) featuring work by Ben Russell, Laida Lertxundi, Kim Asendorf, Rick Silva, Anthony Antonellis, Bunny Rogers, Darja Bajagic, Alexandra Gorczynski, Shana Moulton, Trisha Baga, Kerry Laitala, Michael Robinson, Sabrina Ratté, Tomonari Nishikawa, Stephanie Barber, Theodore Darst, Jennifer Chan, Chris Collins, Andrew Lampert, Deborah Stratman, Leslie Thornton, and many more.

Real-time A/V performances will feature Nick Briz, A Bill Miller, James Connolly, Jon Satrom & Ben Syverson, and an open call NO-MEDIA performance.

After parties will be DJed by Sich Mang, DJ BLACKTWITTER, and Violet Systems.

Soon our VQ micro-site will launch and will include all of the program information, we’ll keep you posted.


1mage by Lorna Mills

11 June, 2013 by



by Lorna Mills

See also.

1mage is a DINCuratorial series where guest participants curate one image.

Deer GIF by Martin Brink

11 April, 2013 by
Deer GIF, 2013

Deer GIF, 2013

Deer GIF, 2013
by Martin Brink

“On a recent walk I walked past a snow covered field and on it was at least 50 deer. They were too far away to get proper photos, but I used two tiny crops from two photos and maintained the pixelation to create this GIF.” — M.B.

1mage by Emilio Gomariz

23 January, 2013 by


by Emilio Gomariz

“It is from some tests of a RGB based GIF series I’m working on.”

1mage is a DINCuratorial series where guest participants curate one image.

Trackpad Gestures (2013) by Anthony Antonellis

21 January, 2013 by

Trackpad GesturesAnthony Antonellis, 8 sec, 2013, video, silent

Twelve instructional trackpad .gifs compiled into one eight second video: fingering and rubbing the pad done right.

All Trackpad Gestures GIFs
Anthony Antonellis website