Dinca’s Weekly Links, 1.4.16

Happy New Year! One of Dinca’s 2016 resolutions is to implement a round-up reading list of links every week. Since we’re still playing catch-up, you may notice that some of the links are a few weeks old; nonetheless, they are worth reading. Here are Dinca’s weekly links for the week of 1.4.16–1.11.16.

Dinca’s Weekly Links, 12.27.15

As part of Dinca’s plan for 2016, we will implement a weekly reading list of links. This concept of aggregating a list of links is nothing new to the internet, especially blogs; however, we feel it might benefit our readers if we get in the routine of roundin’ up links every week (yeehaw!). These links will range […]

Skycube by David Wallace Haskins

Skycube by David Wallace Haskins 2015, Steel, glass, far infrared light film, limestone, 96 x 96 x 96 in. “A Skycube is a self-contained version of a Skywall. It brings the full vertical dimension of the sky down to the horizontal space in which we live. It is not a digital projection or display, it is the actual live three-dimensional sky brought to the pictorial plane.” […]