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Prisoner’s Cinema (2012) by Joshua Gen Solandz

14 April, 2014 by

joshua solondz prisoner's cinema joshua solondz prisoner's cinema

Prisoner’s Cinema
Joshua Gen Solandz, Los Angeles, 2012, 10 min, video, sound

Essentially a trance-inducing flicker film, Prisoner’s Cinema opens by establishing a simple, yet aggressive, black and white flashing sequence, defined by its frenetic pace and hypnotic pattern. It assaults and entrances the viewer with its rapid optical rhythm; a low-toned droning sound and a high frequency stuttering provide a sonic anchor that augments the hypnotic effects of the flashing imagery.

Before long, the flashing evolves into a sequence that introduces faint optical art patterns, which are sprinkled between the flickering of black and white and grey frames, jolting the visual shock even further. These faint patterns become brighter, and clearer, and more bold, flash-morphing onward to reveal a circular portal emblazoned with an op art pattern.

It’s a blinding and spellbindingly fun ride of coruscation.


Visites Possibles (2014) by Sabrina Ratté

27 February, 2014 by


Visites Possibles
Sabrina Ratté, Montreal, 2014, 7 min, video, sound by Roger Tellier-Craig

Panning back-and-forth in a colorful gradient-skinned room, Visites Possibles lodges varicolored imagery into the architecture of its virtual space, producing a sensationally vibrant animated experience, replete with lurid colored imagery and emblazoned with shapes and patterns, and exalted by a soundtrack from Roger Tellier-Craig.

Originally made for computersclub.org

Oasis of Mirrors (2013) by Zahid Jiwa

12 February, 2014 by


Zahid Jiwa
Oasis of Mirrors
Brazzaville, Congo | 2013 | 3 min | video | color | sound

“The ebb and flow of the aeolian processes’ spatial structure under this single shot of inspired manipulation is as natural and inevitable as breathing, unforced, rhythmic and healthy.”  (ZJ)

ONLY REAL: Peter Jellitsch & Theodore Darst at Public Works Gallery, 2/7–4/4

4 February, 2014 by
theodore darst at public works

Theodore Darst


Peter Jellitsch

Peter Jellitsch & Theodore Darst
07 February – 04 April 2014

Public Works Gallery
1539 N Damen Ave, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60622
(Opening Reception: Friday, 07 February, 7–10 pm )

“Peter Jellitsch & Theodore Darst work within simulated realities and spaces using both analog and digital processes. Both artists observe, process, and transcribe intangible elements onto perceptible representations. Jellitsch is concerned with the physical process of visualizing the invisible virtual structures that are prevalent in everyday life. For his Data Drawings, he uses his studio’s Wifi bandwidth to generate data that becomes the basis of his hand-drawn diagrammatic landscapes. Darst creates imaginative digital environments with their own internal logic, resulting in self-governing visual systems. Collaging fragments of personal narratives through the endless variables of the digital interface, he makes his realm visibly possible to the viewer through his video works and installation.”

“Peter Jellitsch is an artist living and working in Vienna. He holds an M.Arch from the Academy of fine Arts in Vienna where he has studied Art & Architecture. In 2014 he will be Artist in Residence at the MAK–Schindler House in Los Angeles. Jellitsch has received the Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky Award and the Outstanding Artist Award by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Art and Education. His work is part of permanent collections at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) and the MMKK Carinthian Museum of Modern Art.”

“Theodore Darst is an artist based in Chicago, IL. His videos, prints, and interactive digital environments have been exhibited at numerous venues including 319 Scholes (NYC), bubblebyte.org (online), Jean Albano (Chicago), The Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), and The Museum of the Moving Image (NYC). He was a 2013 HATCH Projects Artist in Residence at the Chicago Artists Coalition and is a 2016 MFA candidate at Bard.”

Submit to EFFPortland

29 January, 2014 by


Call for submissions
Deadline: 2/15/14

There’s still time to submit your video or film to the Experimental Film Festival Portland. The deadline is 2/15/14.

Film/video submissions: click here

Finder Fantasy (2013) by Emilio Gomariz

15 January, 2014 by


Emilio Gomariz
Finder Fantasy
London, England | 2013 | 1 min | video | sound by Yoshi Sodeoka

A lurid, phantasmagorical fantasy featuring Apple’s spinning finder wheel.