film stills & frame scans

Three Quarters by Kevin Jerome Everson

Three Quarters Kevin Jerome Everson 2015, 4.5 min, USA, 16mm => digital file, b&w, silent, (Chicago Premiere) Three Quarters (2015) features two magicians in Philadelphia practicing their slight of hand tricks. Screening at Dinca Vision Quest 2015 Thursday, September 10, 2015, 7pm, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Purchase tickets here. Visit for more info. Courtesy […]

Transformers in the Age of Drones

In Michael Bay’s 2007 film Transformers, product and person are a shared entity – consumer machines are not tied to any producer, no labor, and no market value. The Autobots and Decepticons instead act as dueling gods. The role of humans, in this late-Capitalist scenario, is completely detached from manufacturing, production, or the assembly of […]

Frames: At Sea (2007) by Peter Hutton

Peter Hutton, 2007, 59 min, 16mm, color, silent Stills are presented in reverse sequential order. Peter Hutton (born 1944 in Detroit, Michigan) is an experimental filmmaker, known primarily for his silent cinematic portraits of cities and landscapes around the world. He has also worked as a professional cinematographer, most notably for his former student Ken […]

Stan Brakhage Black Leader, Anticipation of the Night (1959), via Phil Solomon, & Courtesy of Mark Toscano, Academy Film Archive

Found via Phil Solomon’s Musings; part of the Brakhage Restoration Project. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Film Archive is restoring the complete oeuvre of Stan Brakhage. How delicious. The beauty of Brakhage. Here is one of many treats Phil Solomon shares on his blog. From Phil Solomon’s Musings (original post here): The animated scratched […]