Six Question Interview with Sara Ludy

Sara Ludy is an artist whose work runs the gamut of digital art. Her work includes video, the computer art tile, the animated gif, digitally manipulated photography, animation, and the computer art painting. Sara graduated from SAIC in 2003 with a BFA in New Media Art, and after living in LA for some time, she […]

7 Question Interview with Jeremy Boxer, Director of the 2012 Vimeo Festival + Awards

  Dec. 13, 2011 — Vimeo, the amiable filmmaker and artist friendly video-hosting service, opened submissions today for the second Vimeo Festival + Awards, “which celebrates the most creative and original videos online and the individuals that make them.” Beginning today through February 20, 2012, filmmakers can submit their works for consideration in one of […]

Seven Question Interview with Matt McCormick, Portland-based Filmmaker and Artist

Matt McCormick is an ardent filmmaker and artist who resides in Portland, Oregon. He is an eminent maker in the avant-garde and independent sphere of cinema — voted one of the best filmmakers of the 21st century, according to a poll conducted by the Film Society of the Lincoln Center — Matt found early success […]

Interview with Rafaël Rozendaal

Viewing the art of Rafaël Rozendaal evokes a warm and curious feeling: he produces incredible work, featuring bold and beautiful graphic, thoughtful use of color and eloquent animation, lifting the digital canvas to higher plane. Rozendaal is an artist from Amsterdaam, Netherlands, and he makes websites as art pieces, those pieces are sold with domain […]

7 Question Interview with Petra Cortright

Petra Cortright is an internet artist who currently resides in California, whose work plies the territory of webcam performance, visual art, video art, the internet, and more. Petra Cortright was born in 1986, in Santa Barbara, California, and has has resided in New York City, New York; Portland, Oregon; Toyko, Japan; and Berlin, Germany. She is […]

7 Question Interview with Duncan Malashock, Brooklyn-based Artist and Filmmaker

Duncan Malashock is a Brooklyn-based artist and filmmaker whose work we have featured before — that being his 2006 piece, Road, and Pyramid (2008). His work was featured in the recent REFRESH exhibit at the AXIOM Center for New and Experimental Media. Duncan makes “analog videos that are concerned with the history of creative technology.” […]

7 Question Interview with Ben Russell, Artist & Filmmaker

Ben Russell is a filmmaker, artist, curator, art instructor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a great keynote speaker. Perhaps he may be considered a terminologist, for he seemingly has coined the term/genre “psychedelic ethnography,” judging by his writings and recent inspiring lecture at the MCA. Mr. Russell’s recent three-hour ethnography Let Each […]