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MELTER! by Andrew Benson

2 September, 2014 by


by Andrew Benson

“A super melty, lighting feedback in-browser visual experiment created by Andrew Benson using HTML5/WebGL graphics.”

Try it out here.

Submit to Vision Quest 2015 – Contemporary Moving Image & Media Arts Festival

20 August, 2014 by



Vision Quest 2013 at Mana Contemporary

Vision Quest 2013 at Mana Contemporary

Shana Moulton

Shana Moulton

James Connolly performance at VQ 13

James Connolly performance at VQ 13

Arcane Bolt performance at VQ 12

Arcane Bolt performance at VQ 12

contemporary moving image & media arts festival
presented by dinca.org
April 2–4, 2015, at Mana Contemporary, Chicago
submission deadline: October 7, 2014

dinca.org is now accepting and reviewing submissions for its upcoming iteration of Vision Quest. We’re currently accepting submissions of video, film, experimental media, moving image installation, realtime audiovisual performance, proposals for digitally exhibited commissioned artworks (DECA — more info on this to be posted soon), and more.

Based in Chicago and presented by dinca.org, Vision Quest is a three-day festival celebrating the most innovative contemporary moving image and media art culture from artists worldwide, with salient interest in supporting artworks made using unconventional processes and emerging technologies. Vision Quest is presented in a multimodal and multimedia format, where audiovisual performances are cross-pollinated with time-based media screenings and digitally exhibited commissioned artworks (DECA) to present a showcase of the most essential contemporary media culture.

Thus far, over 100 works have screened at Vision Quest, many of them being national and international premieres, and some of which were made by artists that have exhibited at a variety of festivals, museums, and galleries of note including: MoMA, Tate Modern, the Whitney Biennial, New York Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Sundance, MCA Chicago, Threewalls, London Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives, Toronto International Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Forum, Images Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Migrating Forms, Museum of the Moving Image NYC, Eyebeam NYC, Viennale Austria, and MoMA P.S.1.

Submitting is free of charge; if you’re interested in submitting, please complete the submission form below before October 7, 2014.

To better understand what we do and what type of work we’re looking for, we strongly suggest you look at our 2012 program & 2013 program. Also view photos from the 2012 program here and photos from the 2013 program here & here.

Submit here: http://dinca.org/dinca-vision-quest-submission-form

Spheres 1-20 by Sara Ludy

18 August, 2014 by



Spheres 1-20, 2013, 20 min, HD video, sound
by Sara Ludy

“In Spheres 1-20, ambiguous forms float in polygonal landscapes created from snippets sourced from Ludy’s wanderings of the internet, personal photos, and samples of computer-aided-drafting motifs. Taking two-dimensional screen captures and image-mapping them onto three-dimensional rotating forms, Ludy creates her Spheres as virtual architectures that refer to an amorphous and psychological space. Between each 1-minute episode of the video, abrupt cuts shift the focus to new structures while an audible synthesized drone changes pitch with each reveal, similar to the shift found between levels in video gameplay.

Ludy’s interest in spatial compositions stems from her lifelong captivation with video games, haunting second life and google warehouse looking for imagery and her professional experience creating immersive environments as a VJ for Los Angeles nightclubs. She pursues a sense of familiarity and the uncanny, pointing to the flexible spectrum of spaces designed for human habitation and the facsimiles of those spaces found online.” – Rob Hult, Klaus Gallery

“Similar Images, Associatively, Transparent GIF” by Sebastian Schmieg

7 July, 2014 by


“Similar Images, Associatively, Transparent GIF”
by Sebastian Schmieg
Netherlands, 2011, 1 min, video, silent

Search by Image is a series of algorithmic and experimental videos analyzing Google’s image search function of the same name.” (S.S.)

Artist talk with Sebastian Schmieg
Interview with Sebastian Schmieg

POETRYTHREATS.com by Tim Grover, 2014

2 June, 2014 by


by Tim Grover

POETRY THREATS is a web-based project by Tim Grover, a Chicago-based new media artist, which aims to “reclaim certain ‘threat’ words monitored by the DHS on social media sites. Users have a chance to take these words and turn them into art through the virtual magnet poetry board.”

The above image is a poem I generated/made using the website. It’d be great if the project offered more pronouns, verbs, conjunctions, and so forth, to augment the poetic potentials of the project; the selection of connective magnetic words unrelated to the DHS keywords is somewhat scant, therefore you find yourself looking for a pronoun like “her” to no avail, but the limitations do provide an interesting challenge and make the final outcome more cryptic.

You can create a poem of your own, or check out previous submissions at: http://poetrythreats.com/

Rick Silva for Parallelograms.info

21 April, 2014 by


Check out Rick Silva‘s new browser-based video installation for http://parallelograms.info/ featuring a levitating tent.

View the piece here.

“Parallelograms is an online artist project exploring the relationship between images and interpretation. Invited artists are given a set of images taken from deliberate web searches and asked to create a web-specific piece in response to one of them.”

Finder Fantasy (2013) by Emilio Gomariz

15 January, 2014 by


Emilio Gomariz
Finder Fantasy
London, England | 2013 | 1 min | video | sound by Yoshi Sodeoka

A lurid, phantasmagorical fantasy featuring Apple’s spinning finder wheel.