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Vision Quest 2012 screen-printed posters by Will Thomas

9”x24” $10 We’re selling screen-printed posters to recoup some of our overhead costs. 9”x24”. Metallic yellow & pink ink (which makes a sun gold orange color when crossed) on white paper. Only $10. I took this photo using my laptop camera, so this photo doesn’t do the posters justice … they sparkle in person, especially […]

2012 DINCA Stixx

2012 DINCA stickers are here. PMS 802C ink on clear vinyl. Stix printed by VG Kids. If you want a sticker, email your mailing address to _ _ _ _ _ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ ( D | I | N | C | A ) \_/ \_/ \_/ […]

Likes and Notes at a Glance: Consumption without Contextualization

By Louis Doulas An alternate, updated version of this text can be found here 1. Screenshot of taken October 27th 2011 is a browser-based artwork by Rafaël Rozendaal made in 2010.  The website consists of an entirely white page with an embedded Facebook classic-blue thumbs up ‘Like’ button positioned in the center.  To the button’s right […]