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PUNK IS DAD by Eric Fleischauer, 2013

“PUNK IS DAD” by Eric Fleischauer, sticker for Trunk Show, photo by Anja Jamrozik   “PUNK IS DAD” digital image, originally posted on The Jogging

Vision Quest 2012 screen-printed posters by Will Thomas

9”x24” $10 We’re selling screen-printed posters to recoup some of our overhead costs. 9”x24”. Metallic yellow & pink ink (which makes a sun gold orange color when crossed) on white paper. Only $10. I took this photo using my laptop camera, so this photo doesn’t do the posters justice … they sparkle in person, especially […]

2012 DINCA Stixx

2012 DINCA stickers are here. PMS 802C ink on clear vinyl. Stix printed by VG Kids. If you want a sticker, email your mailing address to _ _ _ _ _ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ ( D | I | N | C | A ) \_/ \_/ \_/ […]

Likes and Notes at a Glance: Consumption without Contextualization

By Louis Doulas An alternate, updated version of this text can be found here 1. Screenshot of taken October 27th 2011 is a browser-based artwork by Rafaël Rozendaal made in 2010.  The website consists of an entirely white page with an embedded Facebook classic-blue thumbs up ‘Like’ button positioned in the center.  To the button’s right […]