top5 is a DINCuratorial series where artists select their top five embeddable videos

Top5 by Jennifer Chan

TOP5 by Jennifer Chan Jennifer Chan, a video and new media artist, attended the University of Toronto Missisauga and completed her MFA at Syracuse University. She currently splits her time living and working between Chicago and Toronto. Jennifer’s work is often strapped together with the net-art and post-internet movements; however, her work could more broadly be classified […]

top5: Mary Rachel Kostreva

top5 Mary Rachel Kostreva Mary Rachel Kostreva came from the south (ATL, Georgia), went to school on the east coast, and now resides on the West Coast in LA. Some of her music video work (vide The-Drum – $) exemplifies her adeptness at selecting-and-sifting through found footage, therefore we felt she’d be a perfect fit […]

Top5: Andrew Norman Wilson

This is the seventh installment of top5, a DINCA series featuring guest artists that curate five embeddable internet videos. This installment is DINCurated by Andrew Norman Wilson, a Chicago-based artist. Below are his selections.   (1) Jungle 2 Jungle   (2) The Air Up There                       (3) Ace […]

Top 5: Sara Ludy

Sara Ludy week continues. This is the sixth installment of top5: a DINCuratorial series featuring guest participants that curate five embeddable internet videos. There are no guidelines for their selections, other than participants are encouraged to reflect upon their choices in however many words they deem necessary. This installment is DINCurated by Sara Ludy, a Vancouver-based […]

Theodore Darst’s t0p5

  This fifth installment of t0p5 is curated by Theodore Darst, a Chicago-based artist. His work has exhibited at the MCA Chicago, GLI.TC/H, 319 Scholes, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Kunsthalle New, and he has projected visuals for many musicians, including Bullet Hell, Jerome Baez, Xina Xurner, and at the Neon Marshmallow Festival. Theo recently finished his undergraduate studies at SAIC. […]

Chris Cuellar’s T0p 5

  This is this fourth installment of T0p5: a DINCuratorial series featuring guest participants that curate five embeddable internet videos. This installment is DINCurated by Chris Cuellar, a LA-based artist: Chris Cuellar (artist, LA) likes to work with writing, sound, performance & digital media. Topics include but are not limited to the politics of presence, the […]