I want my DINCA Tv!

Please visit the official DINCA Tv Vimeo channel. DINCA Tv is your station for sacred visions internet nation. All videos posted on DINCA will be added to DINCA Tv; however, if the video is not available on vimeo, it will not stream on DINCA Tv. Unfortunately, not all videos are available on vimeo (… yet).

If you are a registered vimeo member, you can subscribe to DINCA Tv, and you will be alerted immediately after a new video has been DINCAdded to the channel. You can sign up for free here.

Click here to watch DINCA Tv.

5 thoughts on “DINCA Tv

  1. BTW,

    I think Dinca is ready for a total Brand Overhaul:

    -New name (Chooga will do…)
    -New logo (What does that goofy logo-thing even MEAN anyway?!)
    -New site design (heavy on the flash-php-java-double-shot-espresso-script-coufon-laden-hyper-mark-up-down-action-time)
    -New audience (gotta tap into the tween market share)

    Now we’re talking…

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