(2011), 1–5, by Theodore Darst from theodore darst. from theodore darst. from theodore darst. from theodore darst. from theodore darst., 1–5, Theodore Darst, 2011, USA, HD video, color, sound

Nature and technology; technology and nature: it’s the surreal and strange dichotomy of 2011: seemingly nature and technology are the human equilibrium nowadays. If you’re sick of indoor technology, you escape outdoor to nature; if you wish to leave nature, most likely you’ll find yourself absorbed in technology sometime near thereafter. Some people walk down a nature path checking email on their iPhone, others do not. And there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just the world most of us live in these days.

The above five (2011) video + animations, from Chicago-based artist and filmmaker, Theodore Darst, aptly amalgamate both technology and nature, combining a filmed video landscape with a Maya 3D rendering. It evokes a question: “What is the importance of nature and technology in your life?”

I think it’s safe to say we all love nature and technology. (I sure do.) Right now, I think it’s all about establishing a healthy equilibrium between the two, and then we all can progress and take the next fresh step together. is an ongoing series of videos that attempt to engage site specific sculpture through digital media. Each structure was drawn the day I shot its environment, followed by modeling and rendering in Maya software.  Forms were inspired by chemical compounds, gang tags, failed geometric sketches, as well as the space present within the landscape. — T. Darst


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