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Now Feel Bad, new work by Darja Bajagić & Jared Madere, June 20 – July 13, 2014, at Interstate Projects

11 June 2014 by


Now Feel Bad
June 20 – July 13, 2014
at Interstate Projects
U:L:O: Part I | U: Curated by Queer Thoughts

Now Feel Bad, new work by Darja Bajagić & Jared Madere.

Organized by Queer Thoughts, Chicago.

POETRYTHREATS.com by Tim Grover, 2014

2 June 2014 by


by Tim Grover

POETRY THREATS is a web-based project by Tim Grover, a Chicago-based new media artist, which aims to “reclaim certain ‘threat’ words monitored by the DHS on social media sites. Users have a chance to take these words and turn them into art through the virtual magnet poetry board.”

The above image is a poem I generated/made using the website. It’d be great if the project offered more pronouns, verbs, conjunctions, and so forth, to augment the poetic potentials of the project; the selection of connective magnetic words unrelated to the DHS keywords is somewhat scant, therefore you find yourself looking for a pronoun like “her” to no avail, but the limitations do provide an interesting challenge and make the final outcome more cryptic.

You can create a poem of your own, or check out previous submissions at: http://poetrythreats.com/

1mage by Sage Keeler

19 May 2014 by

Sage Keeler DINCA one image

“Enya’s Castle via Google Streetview, angle one”
by Sage Keeler

1mage is a DINCuratorial series where guest participants curate one image. 


1mage by Mark Beasley

5 May 2014 by

“Link Garden”
by Mark Beasley

“Link Garden is a composition of found stylesheets and images hard-linked to their external sources from around the web. As time goes on, this drawing will slowly collapse from link rot and eventually revert back into a blank page.” — M.B.

1mage is a DINCuratorial series where guest participants curate one image. 

Rick Silva for Parallelograms.info

21 April 2014 by


Check out Rick Silva‘s new browser-based video installation for http://parallelograms.info/ featuring a levitating tent.

View the piece here.

“Parallelograms is an online artist project exploring the relationship between images and interpretation. Invited artists are given a set of images taken from deliberate web searches and asked to create a web-specific piece in response to one of them.”

Prisoner’s Cinema (2012) by Joshua Gen Solondz

14 April 2014 by

joshua solondz prisoner's cinema joshua solondz prisoner's cinema

Prisoner’s Cinema
Joshua Gen Solondz, Los Angeles, 2012, 10 min, video, sound

Essentially a trance-inducing flicker film, Prisoner’s Cinema opens by establishing a simple, yet aggressive, black and white flashing sequence, defined by its frenetic pace and hypnotic pattern. It assaults and entrances the viewer with its rapid optical rhythm; a low-toned droning sound and a high frequency stuttering provide a sonic anchor that augments the hypnotic effects of the flashing imagery.

Before long, the flashing evolves into a sequence that introduces faint optical art patterns, which are sprinkled between the flickering of black and white and grey frames, jolting the visual shock even further. These faint patterns become brighter, and clearer, and more bold, flash-morphing onward to reveal a circular portal emblazoned with an op art pattern.

It’s a blinding and spellbindingly fun ride of coruscation.


1mage by A. Bill Miller

8 April 2014 by


by A Bill Miller


1mage is a DINCuratorial series where guest participants curate one image.