art and animation of jen stark

Jen Stark’s t0p 5

Jen Stark is a Miami-based artist, whose majority of work includes paper sculptures; she also makes incredible animations using paper. Her work has been featured at Art Basel, MoCA, all over the internet, on the cover of the Harvard Business Review, and many other notables — vide her CV for more. Jen Stark (born 1983 in Miami, Florida) […]

Jen Stark’s Work on the Cover of the Harvard Business Review

Hardly ever are there strange nodes of business journalism and good paper art. Jen Stark‘s work on the cover of the Harvard Business Review is one instance. Sources say Stark now has a full-ride for Harvard’s M.B.A. program. Have fun, Jenn! Study hard and take lot’s of vitamins. More: More of Jenn starks work featured […]