computer art

Review: The Nine Eyes of Google Street View by Jon Rafman

Before time, before you were born, and before your mother and mother’s mother were born, (in 2007) Google, IRL, emailed a fleet of cars o’er the land with the goal of documenting the street views of the world, street level. Each car a carriage with a pole fixed with nine cameras; each camera indifferent to […]

GEM by Nicolas Sassoon

“GEM” by Nicolas Sassoon from Jeronimo Jimenez. Here is a video capture of GEM, an animation by Nicolas Sassoon, projected in SOMA in Mexico City, Mexico, April 1, 2011. If you like secrets, secret treasures, jewels and gems, then this GEM projection video is for you. GEM is akin to Sassoon’s DEBUTANTE; two of my […]

Headquarters by Nicolas Sassoon & Sara Ludy

Computers Club Headquarters by soundsfc On the computer, a dream and a screen, the syzygy. Chimerical, real, and otherworldly. Headquarters, by Nicolas Sassoon and Sara Ludy, is an architectural proposal for the online art collective, Computers Club. The animation displays a 3D aerial view and walk-through of a building rendered at a low resolution using […]

7 Question (Oulipo) Interview with Nicolas Sassoon, Vancouver-based Computer Artist

Nicolas Sassoon is a Canada-and-France-based computer artist whose work dissects landscape, architecture, and wordplay by digital dint of the raffish animated .gif. His work benefits from stylized pseudo-retro aesthetics, characterized by lurid colors, moving patterns, and bitmap. His work is quite delicious when it wanders through notional objects, sanctities, and sanguine wordplay. The following interview is […]