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Ben Russell: Black and White Trypps Number Four

(10:30, 16mm, B/W, sound, 2008 ) Divisible stand up comedy from beyond the grave, adjust your set, rabbits ears tuned to the Bardo Plane.” – Mark McElhatten, Rotterdam International Film Festival Using a 35mm strip of motion picture slug featuring the recently deceased American comedian Richard Pryor, this extended Rorschach assault on the eyes moves out […]

Everything is Terrible: The Movie

Everything is Terrible: The Movie will play at Chicago’s Music Box Theatre starting 9 Oct 2009. Synopsis: The online video visionaries behind proudly PRESENT EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE: THE MOVIE! The fine folks at EIT have spent years digging through thrift establishments and video caverns in order to create the most mind-melting VHS mash-up imaginable. […]

Video Weavings by Stephen Beck

“I believe in spiritual technology.” — Stephen Beck Have you been weaved? What are you waiting for? Stephen Beck on his video weavings (1973-1976): My work is to make something beautiful with technology. I believe in spiritual technology. Video Weavings is a link between the modern (video) and the ancient (weaving) technologies. Video Weavings are […]