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Seven Question Interview with Matt McCormick, Portland-based Filmmaker and Artist

Matt McCormick is an ardent filmmaker and artist who resides in Portland, Oregon. He is an eminent maker in the avant-garde and independent sphere of cinema — voted one of the best filmmakers of the 21st century, according to a poll conducted by the Film Society of the Lincoln Center — Matt found early success […]

10 Film Strips: Ten Second Film (1965) by Bruce Conner

Film Center of Lincoln Society : “When Conner was commissioned to design the poster for the 1965 New York Film Festival he constructed TEN SECOND FILM, which he intended to act as its television commercial and to precede the film programs in the theater. It was a public ‘leader’ in that it was composed, like the […]

“Reality is Psychedelic.” an Interview with Ali Hossaini interview with Ali Hossaini, Ouroboros artist, filmmaker, American philosopher, and visionary. Ali’s words on Isabella Rossellini and Guy Maddin’s “Send Me to the ‘Lectric Chair.”