Test Pilot Collective: Typography and Design

Test Pilot Collective is a San Francisco-based typography and design firm. Pay a visit to their website and you will realize how prolific they are: Throughout the years 1999 – 2003, Test Pilot Collective created a design for every day of every month, which is a grand total of 1,825 uploaded designs. Unfortunately, the Pilot Collective seem to be on a hiatus.

Test Pilot have designed 37 fonts, including Tryptomene, OCRJ, OCRK, and Ataribaby, all of which are available for purchase through their website. Their work heavily embraces ascii artwork, the monospaced dot-matrix composition, ’90s dirt style web design, computer retro, pixel typography, the animated gif, bitmap fonts, and bitmap artwork. They have a neat website; a supposed new Test Pilot Collective website will launch soon.

Below are 15 designs culled from their extensive archive of 1,825 designs.

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  1. Check out First Pages beginning September 11, 2001 and the week following. Artists reflect so compellingly the embedded ID of America. From avant-guardists to jingoists in one big boom! It’s in their DNA.

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