The Difference is Dincability: dincabirthday

At first, DINCA was a lil runt and in peril, and many thought DINCA would die. Not the case, though, because tomorrow, DINCA is one-year-old. Soon DINCA will enter the terrible-2s — that occurs when DINCA turns two-years-old. Happy dinca!

Summer regards,
Yours truly,

d i n c a

2 thoughts on “The Difference is Dincability: dincabirthday

  1. As a contributor who contributes with less frequency than presidential assassinations, I fully support this birthday of said Dinca.

    Also: I am seeing a sneak preview of Inception next week. I might as well delete my lingering-on-my-desktop-forever outline of my Toy Story 3 review and actually review something pertinent.

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