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Top5: Andrew Norman Wilson

12 April 2012 by


On this day, 25 years ago, the first weekend of spring break turned into a spring bust … but the adventure continues.

April means one thing: spring break, so put on your suits and ride to the the nearest party beach — and partydon’t stop. Scottie is back, he’s ready to shred, and you can find him hangin’ at CW Post. Girls, you can put on your swimsuits to dance, or your slingshot bikinis to dance.

Don’t worry, there will be live music, dancingsquirt guns, party boats, Jellyfish, NeighbourseventsAM/FM radio caps, kayaking vikings, home stage diving, people will be setting their asses on fire, people will be juggling rocks, you name it, spring break’s got Dragons.

Some of the PIONEERS OF VLOGGING will be there — you might find them on paradise beach — on a mission.

This is the seventh installment of top5: a DINCuratorial series featuring guest participants that curate five embeddable internet videos. There are no guidelines for their selections, other than participants are encouraged to reflect upon their choices in however many words they deem necessary.

This installment is DINCurated by Andrew Norman Wilson, a Chicago-based artist.

Below are his selections.

Jungle 2 Jungle


The Air Up There


Ace Ventura When Nature Calls


Ernest Goes to Africa


Krippendorf’s Tribe



Andrew Norman Wilson’s website

Andrew Norman Wilson on Vimeo

FlowSpot by Andrew Norman Wilson



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