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the guy


By Digital Walsh
Entry #1 of Digital Walsh’s Digital Dream Journal

this guy was a drug addict. there was a shack by the beach where he
lived with his dogs, on top of a pile of trash in the yard. he was
there mainly to buy drugs. he had a goatee and balding short cropped
gray hair. he was a cartoonist who drew semi geometric, colorful,
gumby-like characters. he also gave off a very dangerous very evil

in any case he one day came by to wherever i was — it was a totally
unfamiliar house — and started trying to kill me and torturing me by
cutting the bottom of my feet with a sharp knife.  so i also got a
knife and hacked him to death. i remember thinking that the resultant
“meat” looked exactly like fish fillet.

somehow my “sister”– some random chick who was my sister– decided to
resurrect and rehabilitate him as a woman. so there he was– same
face, but a woman. little by little he looked more and more like a
man, like his old self as the days wore on. he first looked like a
regular woman, then a butch lesbian, then a butch lesbian with a
goatee– dyed blonde. then he was walking by a bus and saw an ad with
his cartoons on it and realised his past.

in then next “scene” he is back to his old self, lying on a heap of
trash in the shack, with my sister. just like the beginning of the
dream, except he is fat this time.

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