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brother birth


Dreamlog #4

i’m in my old house, in the kitchen, before it was renovated. my brother, my mother and i are standing around where the stove was, but instead it is an industrial sink. my brother and i are as we are now, but my mother is as she was then, when we lived in that house.

my brother, though he is standing there, and in spite of my mother not being pregnant, is being born. he is coming up through the pipes and into the sink. it is my responsibility to hold an alligator clip (pictured above) that is connected to the sink. this will inflate a clear balloon attached to the faucet, allowing my brother to pass through it and into the sink itself.

i have trouble holding it tight enough and the baby is starting to get stuck as it is coming out. my mother screams “it’s not inflating! we’re going to have to abort it if we cant get it out!”, and everyone starts freaking out a bit. but then the balloon begins inflating (to the shape of a stomach, actually) and we can see the baby inside it smiling.

he exits the balloon and the water fills the sink and the baby falls into the water. we are all laughing, and then i start laugh/crying and say “this is how we all begin. this is our animal miracle.”

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