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Vision Quest 2012 screen-printed posters by Will Thomas

9”x24” $10 We’re selling screen-printed posters to recoup some of our overhead costs. 9”x24”. Metallic yellow & pink ink (which makes a sun gold orange color when crossed) on white paper. Only $10. I took this photo using my laptop camera, so this photo doesn’t do the posters justice … they sparkle in person, especially […]

Transformers in the Age of Drones

In Michael Bay’s 2007 film Transformers, product and person are a shared entity – consumer machines are not tied to any producer, no labor, and no market value. The Autobots and Decepticons instead act as dueling gods. The role of humans, in this late-Capitalist scenario, is completely detached from manufacturing, production, or the assembly of […]

Notable Film Posters of 2010 Part 1

Film posters. Film promotion and marketing. Hollywood. Cinema as business. DINCA does not report box office numbers nor marketing dollars, but DINCA does know how to Google search and Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, “Marketing budgets [for Hollywood feature films] tend to equal anywhere between half or three times the production budget.” This general statement does […]

«Der fjellfrås-Weihnachtsbaum» / «fjellfrås-christmas-tree» 2010

«Der fjellfrås-Weihnachtsbaum» / «fjellfrås-christmas-tree» 2010 from fjellfrås on Vimeo. “Den fjellfrås-Bastelbogen für den Tisch-Weihnachtsbaum schon heruntergeladen und ausgedruckt ( – Na, dann kann’s ja losgehen: Clip anschauen, Nachbasteln, Baum aufstellen, zurücklehnen & freuen … und den Baum fotografieren. Foto an schicken und vielleicht schon bald in der fjellfrås-Weihnachtsbaum-Galerie auf bewundern. ––– Have you […]

Free Download: Jean-Luc typeface by Atelier Carvalho Bernau

Jean-Luc typeface by Atelier Carvalho Bernau Here is a great Christmas goody — the Jean-Luc typeface — a free download from Atelier Carvalho Bernau, an independent practice for graphic design, typography and typeface design, based in The Hague, The Netherlands. This font comes in multiple formats, including webfonts! Yes indeed, the .zip folder contains the font […]