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essays by Louis Doulas, Ria Roberts, and Wyatt Niehaus.

Recommended Reading / Cybermohalla Hub

“Cybermohalla Hub” is the latest publication from Sternberg Press, outlining a project of the same name by architects Nikolaus Hirsch and Michel Muller. Cybermohalla Hub is a structure that is part of Sarai, a Dheli-based institution that describes itself as “a space for research, practice and conversation about the contemporary media and urban constellations.” The […]

Changing Education Paradigms

The severely repressed and censored information flow structures of the Egyptian autocracy were–amongst other factors–a large contributor to the intense swelling and eventual organization of its citizens [to protest in disgust, its country’s misuse of power]. Today, we have learned that public isn’t simply defined by what one knows, but rather that it is a […]

Notes on “Here Comes Nobody”

“…But such acts of lulzmaking are magnetic on two levels, producing spectacular, shocking, and humorous events and images that attract media attention while simultaneously binding together the collective and rejuvenating its spirit. This runs counter to the reductive arguments about whether or not online organizing can breed the conditions necessary for serious, effective activism (see […]

Local Law 11

Last Monday marked the one month anniversary of New York’s Local Law 11, which states that all public data must be published online. Of equal interest, a wiki  is being used to create standards for how that data presented. For the next few months, NYC Open Data is allowing anyone, both city agency officials and […]

Projects from Petros Moris and KERNEL: Part One

Engine   1. In Engine, a Google search engine is quietly modified so that whenever one types in a keyword of interest, what results are instructions for ‘action’ or potential for action. What is meant by this? Typing in, let’s say, the word ‘computers’, one will receive not historical or general information concerning computers per […]

“Post-Figurative” Legitimacy in Internet Culture

AIDS 3D, Free Internet “If a group is aiming to eliminate class distinctions, pre-figurative politics demands that there be no class distinctions within that group, nor should that group’s actions reinforce classism. The same principle applies to hierarchy: if a group is fighting to abolish some or all forms of hierarchy in larger society, prefigurative […]