Prisoner’s Cinema (2012) by Joshua Gen Solondz

Prisoner’s Cinema Joshua Gen Solondz, Los Angeles, 2012, 10 min, video, sound Essentially a trance-inducing flicker film, Prisoner’s Cinema opens by establishing a simple, yet aggressive, black and white flashing sequence, defined by its frenetic pace and hypnotic pattern. It assaults and entrances the viewer with its rapid optical rhythm; a low-toned droning sound and a high frequency […]

Visites Possibles (2014) by Sabrina Ratté

Visites Possibles Sabrina Ratté, Montreal, 2014, 7 min, video, sound by Roger Tellier-Craig Panning back-and-forth in a colorful gradient-skinned room, Visites Possibles lodges varicolored imagery into the architecture of its virtual space, producing a sensationally vibrant animated experience, replete with lurid colored imagery and emblazoned with shapes and patterns, and exalted by a soundtrack from Roger Tellier-Craig. Originally […]

Selected works from Takeshi Murata’s “Synthesizers” series

“Synthesizers” by Takeshi Murata Salon 94 Bowery, 2012 It’s always a treat to see new work from Takeshi Murata. His “Synthesizers” show at the Salon 94 Bowery in NYC just ended, yet the internet archives it for posterity. Murata’s 2012 “Synthesizers” series, along with his 2011 “Get Your As To Mars” series, attest to Murata’s talent […]