ArtSlant — DINCA Vision Quest 2012: A Physical Manifestation of DINCA.org

Joel Kuennen wrote a gracious article about DINCA Vision Quest 2012 and the state of new media art, published by Art Slant. The article provides an overview of the 2012 Vision Quest and highlights the work of Sabrina Ratte, Shana Moulton, Neil Ira Needleman, and Bobby Abate, plus more. Read the article here.

CAPTCHA / Chapter Two (2012) by Gabrielle de Vietri

CAPTCHA / Chapter Two, Gabrielle de Vietri, 2012, video, 8 min, color, sound Gabrielle de Vietri’s CAPTCHA / Chapter Two (2012) is a salacious, sexy sequel to CAPTCHA (2010). Regarding story, the first chapter of de Vietri’s Captcha series was a clever yet discursive journey, whereas this second chapter is a love story, focusing on the protagonist Desmodowe’s inner-and-outer […]

Sara Ludy Week

__..__..__ .__. . . ..__ . , (__ [__][__)[__] | | || \ \./ .__)| || \| | |___|__||__/ | . ..___.___. . | |[__ [__ |_/ |/\|[___[___| \ DINCA: this week is Sara Ludy week. Sara will be in Chicago on Thursday, March 15, 2012, to screen and discuss her work at the Gene Siskel […]

Likes and Notes at a Glance: Consumption without Contextualization

By Louis Doulas An alternate, updated version of this text can be found here 1. Screenshot of Pleaselike.com taken October 27th 2011   Pleaselike.com is a browser-based artwork by Rafaël Rozendaal made in 2010.  The website consists of an entirely white page with an embedded Facebook classic-blue thumbs up ‘Like’ button positioned in the center.  To the button’s right […]