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CH1C4G0 D1RTY N3W M3D1A: Round Robin, at the MCA, 10/16/12

Chicago Dirty New Media MCA event
Chicago Dirty New Media MCA event

.gif by Alfredo Salazar-Caro

Chicago Dirty New Media event at the MCA

Chicago Dirty New Media: Round Robin
Tuesday, October 16, 2012
at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (map)
Organized by the MCA and Nick Briz

Tomorrow, 10/16/12, the MCA is hosting a real-time audio and video performance event exalting the Chicago Dirty New Media movement, aka Ch1c4g0 D1rty N3w M3d1▲, a movement typified by raffish imagery, digital decay, noise, hacked technology and performance; software and hardware; online and offline; IRL and NRL.

Chicago Dirty New Media: Round Robin will take place in the bottom level of the MCA garage. The structure of the event will be ‘round-robin’ in the “Baltimore wham city sense,” insofar as all of the performers set up around the perimeter of the space at the same time, playing shorts sets one-at-a-time — no opener, no closer — a break from traditional line-up hierarchies.

Start time is at 6pm; set up time is at 4pm. Participating artists include:

_∆∆øÑσ.-~máh⌡!îx (Jake Elliott, jonCatesEi Jane Janet LinEntro MC [pronounced “mono magix”])
Arcanebolt (Tamas KemenczyMark Beasley, & Alex Inglizian)
Felker, Lori
Jason Soliday
Lisa Slodki
Monica Panzarino
Morgan Higby-Flowers
Square Square
Vaudeo Signal (Ben Baker-Smith & Evan Kühl)
William Robertson


MCA: Internet Superheros Series: Chicago Dirty New Media: Round Robin

Chicago Art Magazine: “Chicago Dirty New Media Art”

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