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grover moose ostrich + deanna troi


By Digital Walsh
Entry #3 of Digital Walsh’s Digital Dream Journal

The neighborhood I grew up in is probably the ghetto-est area of New York City that contains a white majority. In this dream, I was in an ancient city in “New Jersey”, as I understood it, though it was really a version of this neighborhood. However, it turns out that there was a New Yawk kind of guy who was the Socrates of the neighborhood, and was leading me through this “ancient” city showing me all the centers of learning and culture. Each structure a combination of things that exist in this run down neighborhood: pinball places, nursing homes, empty storefronts– and pristine Greek architecture. It also contained miniature mountain ranges that were maybe 20 feet tall sitting on the empty lots in the neighborhood. I began to climb this mountain that, while totally realistic, looked like a mini-golf course. I got to the top and surveyed the surrounding terrain. “Glorious”, I thought. Glorious.

I was struck by how much I misunderstood the appearance of this city. And how deep the culture really was. There was some sort of symposium I took part in.

I went to take a walk on the boardwalk afterwards and saw a ostrich with a moose head and mickey mouse hands, covered in grover fur, trying to fly away from a wildly angry antelope who was in a frenzy of teeth and hair. The picture above represents that scene.

Then I am walking through the neighborhood with Deanna Troi from Star Trek.


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