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The Infinite Scroll

We can observe the way content is aggregated online, that being in an up to down, down to up fashion, a reference to a type of acceleration or flow, a stream, or a river. However, these particularities seem to be largely informed by the motion of the human hand, more specifically a gesture of the finger. The mouse and scroll button are designed to intuitively and comfortably consolidate these up to down navigations, while horizontal movement of the finger proves to be naturally awkward and inefficient and thus the endless vertical scroll becomes what is most ergonomically productive, and quintessential of online surfing.

Process/Endurance Reflection

The blog, in all its forms, exists in a preparatory state: always in progress, always in research and always continuing.  It gestures and proceeds rather than lingers.

24/7 Sweat

Hand Motions references and contextualizes both what is contained within and outside of the screen.

Hand Motions is a blog column on DINCA continually featuring writing from Louis DoulasWyatt Niehaus and Ria Roberts.

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