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Postcard: All Next Week: GLI.TC/H 20111

All Next Week: GLI.TC/H. Mark your palm pilots. More info posted soon.

All next week: DINCA devotion to GLI.TC/H. Until then, below are the dates; also, check out Nicolas O’Brien’s GLI.TC/H reporting over at Bad At Sports.

[Chicago, US]

THU: Nov 3 7pm – GLI.TC/H Gallery Opening @MBLABS
FRI: Nov 4 7pm – Real-time Performances/Executables/Events @ENEMY
SAT: Nov 5 11am – Lectures & Performances @theNIGHTINGALE
1pm – Workshops @theNIGHTINGALE
6pm – GLI.TC/H Screening Program @theNIGHTINGALE
8pm – Real-time Performances/Executalbes/Events @ENEMY
SUN: Nov 6 noon – Politics in/of Glitch [panel + open forum] @MBLABS

[Amsterdam, NL] NOV 11 – 12
[Birmingham, UK] NOV 19


Bad At Sports: GLI.TC/H Next Week



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