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skin graft coat of arms and portal


By Digital Walsh
Entry #2 of Digital Walsh’s Digital Dream Journal

in this one, i am myself, but i am also an alien, and i am also the internal narrator.

the first scene looks sort of like the opening of werner herzog’s film “aguirre, wrath of god”. i’m in this convoy traveling around a craggy mountain, with a bunch of diminuitive creatures in blue monk robes. the internal narrator tells me that i am one of these mini-people, and that they are not mini-people, but regular-aliens, who happen to be very small.

i look at my hand and there is a raised hunk of grafted skin with an insignia on it. the hunk of skin grafted above my knuckles, the narrator says, is a family symbol. it is grafted, because in this culture, you are not born into a family, but choose a family. this family consists of a particular line of people who, throughout alien history, have shared your spirituo-artistic vision. there is a symbol tattoed on the grafted skin that is a “coat of arms” of this way of thinking.

we approach a massive opening in the rock face which appears to have a projection over it. the scenes are shifting every few seconds, and rippling into something different. i figure it is some kind of primitive ritual.

then (for whatever reason) i realise that it is a portal to other places. when you walk into the portal you are transported to the place that the image in the cave opening represents. it then hits me that this is not a primitive culture at all, but a culture so advanced that it seems primitive.

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