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Theodore Darst’s t0p5

theodore darst artist

theodore darst artist


This fifth installment of t0p5 is curated by Theodore Darst, a Chicago-based artist. His work has exhibited at the MCA Chicago, GLI.TC/H319 ScholesCo-Prosperity Sphere, Kunsthalle New, and he has projected visuals for many musicians, including Bullet Hell, Jerome Baez, Xina Xurner, and at the Neon Marshmallow Festival. Theo recently finished his undergraduate studies at SAIC.

Without further ado, here is Theodore Darst’s t0p5.

in the last post for this top 5 series, chris culler wrote, “some of the most boring videos ever made are actually just disguised audio uploads.” this is true, but the staying power of this genre is really impressive to me. 4 of these 5 videos are “videos” made out of .jpgs of rap cassettes. they are really boring as videos, but they are the most consistent reason I go to youtube. — Theodore Darst


Dj Screw UGK – Tell Me Something Good

i could probably do a whole list of dj screw (http://screweduprecords.com/) tape video tracks. same with ugk. i do a lot of stuff with the good people from gli.tc/h and other people who misuse audiovisual equipment for a whole myriad of reasons, but i’m still floored every time i revisit one of these dj screw tapes. i remember accidentally downloading a chopped and screwed bone thugs n’ harmony cd off naptster in fifth or sixth grade and i couldn’t even comprehend how people could listen to this music. i think my capacity for chopped and screwed music mirrors the mainstream since i was only able to get into it after the houston rap scene started getting popular. watching dj screw tape videos on youtube is really awesome since he was so prolific and it seems like there’s an infinite amount of his music out there you can stream.


North Memphis Playa Click – Mack’s About His Hustle (1996)

i just found this track a week or two ago. this dude souldjahfromthenorth has one of the best collections of rare ’90s memphis (or at least primarily memphis)  tapes that i’ve seen online. i bookmarked his page a few months back but totally forgot about it for a while. i can’t find out too much information about the north memphis playa click but they’ve got a whole bunch of tracks that embody what i love about the ’90s memphis sound.


Lost Tapes 1997-2000: spaceghostpurrp – 12 18 08

this is a new track and it definitely never existed in cassettete format so I guess its a fake tape video, which makes me happy. i’m a pretty diehard spaceghostpurrp (http://www.youtube.com/user/SpaceeGhostPurrpMJ23) fan and one of my favorite things about him is that he really pushes this interesting hybrid between lo-fi ’90s houston/memphis mixtape culture and 2011 hip hop production/distribution.  the weird digitally compressed tape hiss effects, cryptic song titles, and photoshopped tape video fakery make this one a classic for me.


Juicy J – Get Buck Muthafucka Supermix (1993)

i’ve been listening to Hypnotize Mindz (http://triplesix.com/) stuff pretty consistently since 7th or 8th grade, but a lot of the horrorcore stuff was blah for me. After the VH1 shows they did, it was hard to justify liking them but I figure it’s just sort of like how you’re a freshman you’re all about Cory Arcangel and then everyone tells you he’s a fraud and passe and embarrassing but you still sort of like him anyway. This song is the type of thing that would pop on Kazaa or Napster back in the day and you might download it by mistake when you were trying to get “Tear the Club Up”. These songs would just seem endless to me since they’d always clock in at 8-15 minutes and so grimy and so minimal. When I first heard them they always seemed like filler to me, but now I really only go back to juicy j and dj paul for these tracks and rarely the hits.


Bullet Strapped Memphis Mix Buckin/Jookin (Produced by D.B.X)

this isn’t a tape video, but it goes way hard and i’ve watched it about 100 times in the past week so I’m including it. i can’t remember where I first found the link for this. I think it was on thefader.com but it might have been cocaineblunts. i don’t know. either way, this definitely deserves more plays and exposure. the first and second guys who dance are really incredible and i think the mix straddles memphis rap and that more electro Justice shit pretty well. DBX’s  ( http://soundcloud.com/dbx-revelationbeatz ) soundcloud is a good thing to check out.



Theodore Darst

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