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unremembered dreams

A short dream:


In front of the house I grew up in, with girlfriend and her friends, we watch a plane crash in to the ocean and omit fireworks that look like the New York City skyline. Walking up the driveway, translucent little swarms of alien ships– about 1 foot by 2 foot, all different polygon solids– start scanning us.


Do certain fictional places continually show up in your dreams? I have several “dream places”, and I really want to know if anyone else has this experience. (I did see an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation where some guy was dreaming of a fictional girl, but that doesn’t count. First, it’s a TV show, and second, it turned out that she was a real chick sending him telepathic vibrations.)

Sometimes, I will see something driving or walking and it will trigger the memory of one of these places and I’ll remember the dreams that took place in it. These aren’t always dreams I had remembered before. They may have occurred months or even years ago. It’s so crazy to think that traces of your dreams are bouncing around your psyche without your knowledge.

Unremembered dreams are probably fucking me up.

I wonder if the dream actors union is running out of sets.


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