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Boogie-Doodle (1948) by Norman McLaren

Boogie-Doodle, Norman McLaren, 1948, 3 min, color, sound

Boogie-Doodle is a well known animation from the eminant animator, Norm McLaren. McLaren (1914–1987) was a Scottish born Canadian animator who directed over 70 films, and animated 39 films, one of which won an academy award, with academy nominations for three others.

Apart from his experimental works, McLaren made several propaganda films for the National Film Board during WWII, according to his biography on IMDB:

In the early 30s he worked as a cameraman in Scotland and England, and in 1936 went to Spain to film the Civil War. He emigrated to the US in 1939, aware that war was imminent, and in 1941, at the invitation of John Grierson, he moved to Canada to work for the National Film Board.

McClaren made several propaganda films for the NFB, but continued develop his experimental work in his spare time.

This three minute film was made without a camera. It is a colorful and rhythmic game of cat-and-mouse: in this case, the giddy heart chases after a blue object, and the chaser must dodge obsticles to dance with the one whom it chases.

Click here for McLaren’s filmography and information.

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