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Climbing by Jesse McLean

Climbing, Jesse McLean, 2009, video, 6 min, color, silent

So many mountains to climb — climbing and climbing and climbing — and now we are seeing the colors of change. Grab hold and climb, climb, climb. Now — more than ever — it is time to implement the most profound changes internally. Our inner develops pari passu with our outer. Change or be changed. Participate in the glorious uphill climb of life. What is your mountain to climb? Find the mountain; climb that damn mountain.

“The real world is a thing of joy, a dance of life. It is a world in which no one finds it difficult to be a means of bringing happiness to others.”

It’s a blessing we all live here on Earth together: we live our lives together. Let us live the good life together. Our altruism galvanizes harmonious change for all.

Jesse McLean, a Chicago-based filmmaker and artist, created this peaceful climbing animation by toiling through a passel of images with photoshop, an onerous animation process that she shares on the Art21 Blog. It’s a mountainous animation that’s a mountain of work. View more of Jesse’s work on her website or at her vimeo page.

Let us reach the new pinnacle of man.


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