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Headquarters by Nicolas Sassoon & Sara Ludy

Computers Club Headquarters by soundsfc

On the computer, a dream and a screen, the syzygy. Chimerical, real, and otherworldly.

Headquarters, by Nicolas Sassoon and Sara Ludy, is an architectural proposal for the online art collective, Computers Club. The animation displays a 3D aerial view and walk-through of a building rendered at a low resolution using a simple color palette. The building displayed in the video is meant to act as an imaginary physical meeting point and a center of operations for the members of the collective. Nicolas Sassoon created the design of the building and the animated rendering; Sara Ludy created the soundtrack for the animation.

A more conceptual note from N. Sassoon:

“The ‘making’ of the building is completely improbable, which is what really interested me when I started working on it.

I wanted to work on a project that seemed highly unrealistic, and at the same time, I wanted to work on a project that would address the process of how architecture is promoted and conceptualized today. I also wanted it to be very romantic; an ideal space for artists, where every one could meet, have its own studio, etc.

Throughout my recent research, I have been interested in how architectural projects are shaped within computer technology. This phenomenon interests me especially when it comes to an amateur practice, where a lot of anonymous users use 3D programs today and create their own projects.

Generally, it’s about dream homes, ideal locations, projects that will most likely never be made in real life, but will only exist as a virtual object — a fantasy on a screen.

That aspect of 3D modeling really interests me; it’s something that I find extremely beautiful and relevant about our relationship to technology. I am curious about the vocation of these objects, and about the conditions of their display, and also about what could be their ultimate aspect, function, and effect. Headquarters is a step in that research, it is a virtual building that I made for Computers Club, in collaboration with Sara who created a soundtrack to complete the experience of that building.”

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