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Cory Arcangel | Video Ravings

Brooklyn-based Cory Arcangel is a self-described personal computer lover and an internet lover. Best know for his video cartridge hackings, Cory’s work has shown at the Whitney Museum, New York; the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Space1026, Philadelphia; the Migros Museum, Zurich; Team Gallery, New York; and Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery, Paris.  Below are three more Cory Arcangel videos:

Super Mario Movie Part II
Adult Contemporary | T Pain
Arnold Schoenberg, Op. 11 – II

Video Ravings Synopsis: Created as an installation, Video Ravingz is a hacked version of Super Mario Bros. 2 where the user wins the game simply by inserting the cartridge. With rave-style graphics and music, there’s an air of celebration about this work because everyone’s a winner.

Do you recognize the yacht rock song?  Is it Toto? 10cc?  I can’t remember.

Cory Arcangel – Super Mario Movie Part II

Synopsis: Created as an installation, Super Mario Movie is a 15 minute long movie made on a Super Mario Brothers Cartridge.

As a video game grows old its content and internal logic deteriorate.
For a character caught in this breakdown problems affect every area of life.

Adult Contemporary | T PAIN

Synopsis: T PAIN + rainbow roll gradients.

Arnold Schoenberg, op. 11 – II

Synopsis: Mutliple cats play piano in Cory Arcangel’s Arnold Schoenberg, op. 11 – II.


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