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Election Collectibles by Bryan Boyce

Oh my gosh, we have triple pay on this.

This video is brilliant and is chocked full of perverse artifice.

Bryan Boyce, a San Francisco-based experimental filmmaker, employs astute image/audio juxtapositions by combining 2000 campaign footage of Al Gore and George W. Bush with found audio from late-night TV infomercials.  Artificial animated mouths are superimposed on both Gore and Bush — seemingly the presidential canidates sermonize a sales pitch for an overpriced election 2000 collectible light-box (which clearly is made from construction paper, adhesive metallic stars, and other dirt-cheap arts/crafts materials).

The best part of this vid is that it enables absurd audio taken from the late-night cutlery basement infomercial (you know, the katana sword dudes) and, through effective application, it sheds light on an American truth about the QVC party, it’s a super big party, where they party for profit motive during election time.  Remember the Obama commemorative plates that popped up shortly after his election win?

Election Collectibles sums up our epoch of millennial consumerism, which, of course, is rife with dirty, dirty infomercials.

Elections Collectibles is available for purchase on Peripheral Produce’s Greatest Hits compilation DVD, which also features work from Deborah Stratman, Miranda July, and Animal Charm.  View more on the release here.

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