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Lastaddress.org: Special Light of the Good Cookies

Cookie Mueller

“Fortunately I am not the first person to tell you that you will never die. You simply lose your body. You will be the same except you won’t have to worry about rent or mortgages or fashionable clothes. You will be released from sexual obsessions. You will not have drug addictions. You will not need alcohol. You will not have to worry about cellulite or cigarettes or cancer or AIDS or venereal disease. You will be free.” – Cookie Mueller

Lastaddress.org is an online resource that honors a group of New York City artists who died of AIDS, and provides access to a flow of material regarding those artists that can help introduce their work to a new audience. You can view the site here:

The project is a companion piece to Last Address, a short film by filmmaker Ira Sachs that’s available for viewing on the site.

The material sourced includes biographies, interviews, performance videos, audio recordings, essays and many other ways to discover and learn about this immensely original and inspiring group of individuals.”

The artists included are:

Reza Abdoh
Patrick Angus
Reinaldo Arenas
Joe Brainard
John D. Brockmeyer
Harold Brodkey
Howard Brookner
Ethyle Eichelberger
Luis Frangella
Fèlix Gonzàlez-Torres
Keith Haring
Peter Hujar
Harry Kondoleon
Charles Ludlam
Jim Lyons
Robert Mapplethorpe
Cookie Mueller
Klaus Nomi
Norman Renè
Arthur Russell
Vito Russo
Assotto Saint
John Sex
Jack Smith
Hugh Steers
Ron Vawter
David Wojnarowicz

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