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LOVE (1995) by Group Z (Michaël Samyn)

LOVE (1995) by Group Z (Michaël Samyn)

LOVE (1995)
by Group Z (Michaël Samyn, Belgium)
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Created for the browser by the browser, LOVE (1995), by Group Z (Michaël Samyn, Belgium), is an early-era internet art project created specifically for the Netscape 2 browser, a browser whose overall history spans roughly ca. 1994–2008.

Simple and innovative from a technical and creative standpoint, LOVE, according to Rhizome, “is a series of seven stories arranged in a navigable grid of HTML files. Images, text, and interactive compositions map a range of experiences associated with romantic love, from innocent longing to polymorphous perversion to bitter loss. The user navigates the work via a nonlinear path, but the work retains a loose narrative arc nevertheless.”

The projects requires a Netscape browser emulator, and even though some functionality is lost because of the browser emulator, the project remains relevant, especially due to its refreshing front-page featuring a full-screen background image spelling “LOVE” out of flowers — a timeless image that feels necessary to revisit, especially during these times — very simply, we can all benefit from more love.

Believe in the love of the internet. Be aware that love flows through the internet. Assist love.

LOVE is part of Rhizome’s collection of internet art, titled Net Art Anthology.

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