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Marian Bantjes is a graphic designer from O(!) CANADA(!), well, from the prairies of Saskatchewan, to be accurate. I found out about Marian from Michael Bierut’s name dropping of her in this article published by Azure Magazine. I can’t say I know much about her, but I can say that I like her work.

Marian on herself:

I have a very big virtual life. In fact, most of my life these days seems to exist in the ether of the internet. I’m not that happy about this, but … I live on an island on the west coast of Canada, so, uh …

I do not know if I am lazy or driven. A little of both. While I tend to work every day, from morning to night (I’m frequently working past midnight), my days are relatively stress free. In the summer I tend to take a lot of breaks and sit in the sun or go for a walk. I spend a lot of time thinking. Just staring into space and thinking. Does this count as work? Sometimes. When I wake up in the morning with the perfect solution to a given problem, have I been working while I was sleeping? Perhaps.

These days I call myself a lapsed Graphic Designer. This is largely untrue, but in my struggle to redefine myself it’s helpful to cast off the old me in the search of the new.

I have a ton of experience in typesetting and design, but it wasn’t until I started doing this other thing in 2004 that I began to find the thing that is me in the act of what I do. Does that make sense?

I am impatient; I’m always about 6 steps ahead of myself, and I get frustrated that it takes me so long to reach where I feel I already am. But I have to remind myself I’ve made a huge amount of progress in the few years that I’ve been doing what I’m doing.


Release Restraint!!!

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Release Restraint!!!


R-Wines: The grape poster

Screen prints of Marian’s work are available for purchase on her website:


Marian Bantjes Portfolio

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