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One Week Left for Open Submissions: DINCA Vision Quest ’15

Arcane Bolt performs at DINCA Vision Quest 2012

Arcane Bolt performs at DINCA Vision Quest 2012

contemporary moving image & media arts festival

presented by dinca.org
submit here
submission deadline: October 7, 2014

DINCA Vision Quest ’15 is accepting open submissions for one more week, so submit soon.

dinca.org is now accepting and reviewing submissions for its upcoming iteration of Vision Quest. We’re currently accepting submissions of video, film, experimental media, moving image installation, realtime audiovisual performance, browser-based artworks, and proposals for digitally exhibited commissioned artworks (DECA — more info on this to be posted soon). We’re also open to proposals for presentations, lectures, and panel discussions.

Based in Chicago and presented by dinca.org, Vision Quest is a three-day festival celebrating the most innovative contemporary moving image and media art culture from artists worldwide, with salient interest in supporting artworks made using unconventional processes and emerging technologies.  Vision Quest is presented in a multimodal and multimedia format, where audiovisual performances are cross-pollinated with time-based media screenings and digitally exhibited commissioned artworks (DECA) to present a showcase of the most essential contemporary media culture.

Here are some salient links we suggest you check out to better understand Vision Quest:


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