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Oslo Posters


Designed by Yokoland

Yes, there is a website for just about everything, and yes, there is an entire site dedicated to posters found on the streets of Oslo, Sweden, and yes, Nordic/European graphic design always is ten kilometers ahead of American design.

People snap photos of posters they find on the streets of Oslo and submit them to http://osloposters.net/. Considering the prevalence of graphic design in Oslo, a city of 580,229 people, it seems designers would be bumping into each other as they hung their posters, and bumping into pedestrians as they photographed the posters. Below are more posters. Posters


Designed by Luftmensch


Designed by Are Kleivan


Meditasjon og dyp avspenning


Designed by Christin Malen & Helene Ryenbakken


Designed by Are Mokkelbost


Designed by Lasse Marhaug

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