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Out of Body Experience: Travel the Known Universe

Mankind continues to pioneer the uncharted — our Universe is boundless — and the recent discovery of the GJ 1214b super-earth planet reaffirms that many fascinating discoveries lie ahead. Scientists and experts agree that, in the coming years, many breakdown discoveries will be made, and at an ever-accelerated rate.

This video is a beautiful journey through outer-space — that which mankind has mapped thus far — a stunning reminder of the endless possibilities planted in our Universe. This video is a map; this video is not a History Channel sensationalized, hypothetical, and trivial meandering; the positioning data and scale are factually accurate according to data pulled from Hayden Planetarium’s Digital Universe Atlas, which is available for free download.

Since 1998, the American Museum of Natural History and the Hayden Planetarium have engaged in the three-dimensional mapping of the Universe. This cosmic cartography brings a new perspective to our place in the Universe and will redefine your sense of home. The Digital Universe Atlas is distributed to you via packages that contain our data products, like the Milky Way Atlas and the Extragalactic Atlas, and requires free software allowing you to explore the atlas by flying through it on your computer.

Oh, the grand mysteries of existence.

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  • This makes me feel so insignificant. To think we are looking for the higgs boson but at the same time there is so much else to discover out of our own small existence. After seeing that it is hard to justify the importance of anything to me.

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