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Paul Sahre: Selected Work: NY Times


Fear Itself 
2005. Week in Review illustration 

Paul Sahre is a NYC-based graphic designer whose client list includes The New York Times, The Sundance Channel, Marvel Comics, Seed Magazine, Esquire Magazine, The Washington Post, The School of Visual Arts, and many more.

Today we’ll exclusively be looking at his work designed for The New York Times.  Continue reading to see six more of Paul Sahre’s NY Times graphics.


The War Within 
2004. Week in Review illustration 



Artificial Intelligence
2005, Op-Ed Illustration 



10 Days that Changed History 
2006. Week in Review illustration 



China’s Subtle Spying 
1999. Op-Ed illustration



Final Moments 
2005. Week in Review illustration



The End of the Letter
2006, Letter Illustration

Paul Sahre received his BFA and MFA in graphic design from Kent State.  He currently teaches at the School of Visual Arts and is a member of Alliance Graphic International.


Paul Sahre: Selected Work
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