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'The Holy Grail'

“Guardians of the Holy Grail”
by Richard Fields

Below is a photo of the artist:

Richard Fields

Richard lives on Maui were he began his career by painting t-shirts at a t-shirt factory. He became so skillfull that this led him to painting on canvas – where his love of beauty, fantasy, and the Hawaiian islands came into full bloom.   His paintings are a blend of the mystical with the awesome nature beauty of Hawaii.  His images are currently for sale from a private collection on Maui, and available as museum-grade archival limited-edition giclee prints, and large-canvas original paintings.  Seeing many of these paintings all at once, from this private collection on Maui, induces the “feeling” of a “temple-museum”.

Well guys — guess what I just added to my wish-list?

Richard Fields airbrushed T-shirt.