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DJ Stout Reinvents the Cig | Obama Signs Stinky Legislation

Smoke ’em if you got ’em.


On  June 11th, the US Senate passed The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (79-17 vote) which increases the FDA’s power to regulate the marketing, manufacturing, and sales of all tobacco products.  The legislation also gives the FDA power to ban candy-flavored and fruit-flavored cigarettes — first-time smokers favorites — and prohibits tobacco companies from using such terms as “low tar,” “light” and “mild.”

In what many are calling the “Paula Scher part of the bill”, the legislation requires that warning labels on cig packages to be made bigger and also requires tobacco companies to reduce levels of nicotine in cigarettes.  More specifically, the bill requires that colorful cigarette ads and counter-top displays be replaced with black-and-white-only text.  No Color allowed… they want more white space.

President Barack Obama, whom openly acknowledges his struggle with smoking, signed the anti-smoking bill into law today.  During the ’08 campaign trail, Obama stated he was using nicotine gum and will power to quit cigarettes.

In response to the bill, The St. Petersburg Times recruited graphic designer DJ Stout (Pentagram Design, Austin sector) for a design excerise .  Stout, a non-smoker, is against big-tobacco and the habit of smoking.  His  artwork speaks for itself and doesn’t really require a preface.


Graphic Designer DJ Stout on Smoking:

“Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last 50 years you are very aware that smoking is not only bad for you, it could very likely kill you.  All smokers know this for sure but it doesn’t deter them.”


Stout on new cigarette marketing strategies:

“Our marketing advice to cigarette companies in the new heavily regulated era is to fully accept the new aggressive anti-smoking restrictions and wallow in the government’s apocalyptic health warnings. Don’t make excuses or dance around the stepped-up marketing regulations, just transform the whole cigarette pack into a three dimensional warning label.”


Obama on teen smoking:

“Each day, 1,000 young people under the age of 18 become new regular, daily smokers, and almost 90 percent of all smokers began at or before their 18th birthday…”

“I know; I was one of these teenagers. And so I know how difficult it can be to break this habit when it’s been with you for a long time.”


Obama still smoking?  Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on Obama’s Stinky:

“It’s something that he continues to struggle with as somebody — like millions of Americans have,”



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