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POETRYTHREATS.com by Tim Grover, 2014


by Tim Grover

POETRY THREATS is a web-based project by Tim Grover, a Chicago-based new media artist, which aims to “reclaim certain ‘threat’ words monitored by the DHS on social media sites. Users have a chance to take these words and turn them into art through the virtual magnet poetry board.”

The above image is a poem I generated/made using the website. It’d be great if the project offered more pronouns, verbs, conjunctions, and so forth, to augment the poetic potentials of the project; the selection of connective magnetic words unrelated to the DHS keywords is somewhat scant, therefore you find yourself looking for a pronoun like “her” to no avail, but the limitations do provide an interesting challenge and make the final outcome more cryptic.

You can create a poem of your own, or check out previous submissions at: http://poetrythreats.com/

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