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Prisoner’s Cinema (2012) by Joshua Gen Solondz

joshua solondz prisoner's cinema

joshua solondz prisoner's cinema joshua solondz prisoner's cinema

Prisoner’s Cinema
Joshua Gen Solondz, Los Angeles, 2012, 10 min, video, sound

Essentially a trance-inducing flicker film, Prisoner’s Cinema opens by establishing a simple, yet aggressive, black and white flashing sequence, defined by its frenetic pace and hypnotic pattern. It assaults and entrances the viewer with its rapid optical rhythm; a low-toned droning sound and a high frequency stuttering provide a sonic anchor that augments the hypnotic effects of the flashing imagery.

Before long, the flashing evolves into a sequence that introduces faint optical art patterns, which are sprinkled between the flickering of black and white and grey frames, jolting the visual shock even further. These faint patterns become brighter, and clearer, and more bold, flash-morphing onward to reveal a circular portal emblazoned with an op art pattern.

It’s a blinding and spellbindingly fun ride of coruscation.


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