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Reefs, Sanctuaries of Life in the Sea

Destructive Trawling: Reefs to Rubble from Oceana on Vimeo

The honestly of nature only comes from the wild.

The year is 2011, and we need to realize that our Earth will come first. The ambit of our Spirit Earth is what matters. The Great Earth is our Mother.

We must respect our ocean, our Earth. Please take the time to watch these two videos, a brief glimpse into coral reefs and the devastating effects of bottom trawling. “With the capability to destroy century-old reefs in mere moments, bottom trawling is the single most destructive human impact on the ocean floor. Oceana fights to stop bottom trawling and protect the marine life that call these habitats home.”

More information on Oceana’s website.

More on bottom trawling here.

Urge President Obama to Protect the oceans. More importantly, spread awareness on your own.


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