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Six Question Interview with Sara Ludy

Sara Ludy is an artist whose work runs the gamut of digital art. Her work includes video, the computer art tile, the animated gif, digitally manipulated photography, animation, and the computer art painting. Sara graduated from SAIC in 2003 with a BFA in New Media Art, and after living in LA for some time, she now resides in Vancouver.

Her work is very much concerned with architecture, a sense of home, and a warm domestic sense of place. Recently, her work has explored digitally replicating specific decor elements of the domestic interior — carpet, rugs, paintings, wallpaper, elements of interior decoration — some of those digital image instances are featured below, and it’s also worth noting that Sara Ludy and Nicolas Sassoon projected animated .gif tiles as wallpaper at their WALLPAPERS installation at 319 Scholes back in 2011.

Sara also makes music: she is a member of the experimental electronic band Tremblexy. “Tremblexy is an experimental audio/video collaborative between Sara Ludy and Austin Meredith that creates immersive sensory experiences through the use of sound collage, electronic manipulation, repetition, projections, and improvisation.” Sara is also a member of Computers Club, an online art collective.

Apart from being an august figure in the ambit of internet art, Ludy has exhibited work at the Gene Siskel Film Center for CATE; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Berkeley Art Museum319 Scholes, Brooklyn; Cinemateca Brasileira, São Paulo; Luminary Center for the Arts, St. Louis; Hex Gallery, Kansas City; Fe Arts Gallery, Santa Fe; the Armory Show, NYC; bubblebyte.org, internet; and at many other notable places.

Below is a six question interview with Sara Ludy.

Some Pattern, 2012

(1) What inspires you?

Carpet tiles, virtual worlds and many many other things.


(2) Work work and artwork: how do you strike a balance?

I don’t.


some other different rug, 2012

(3) You have visualed for Mr. Oizo, AC Slater, and Moby, among others — what introduced you to VJing — and what is your approach to the live visual set?

I was randomly asked to VJ at a club in LA. I had one week to learn modul8 and make video loops. I worked there for 3 years until I moved. I keep it simple. Whatever feels right, I project and mix.


(4) How do you cure artistic torpidity?

Two giant mugs of lapsang souchong.


some other carpet, 2012

(5) What is your ideal atmosphere for creativity & creative production?

Working next to the fish tank.


(6) Why is making work important to you?

It’s the most natural way for me to understand my interests.

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