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Studio Visit with Lewis Khlar, Los Angeles-based Filmmaker

Studio Visit with Filmmaker Lewis Klahr from Wexner Center on Vimeo.

Earlier this year, the Wexner Center visited the Los Angeles-based studio of award-winning animator, Lewis Klhar.

Klhar works with found footage: found still images, to be accurate. He culls and clips images from old magazines, books, printings, and so forth. He uses other inanimate materials as well. Most of his imagery looks like it originated from Don Draper’s (Mad Men) creative team, i.e., Klhar mostly uses advertisements from the 1950s–’60s.

Klhar considers himself a re-animator. Looking at Klhar’s studio, it’s apparent that Klhar is a pack-rat, and looking at his breadth of work, it’s evident that Klhar is a fecund pack-rat. Studio visits are fun to watch.

During this video-visit, Klhar was working on his film Wednesday Morning Two A.M.; Wednesday Morning journied-on to the 2010 International Film Festival Rotterdam, where it won a Tiger Award for Short Film.

April Snow, Klhar’s latest, will screen at the 2010 NYFF Views from the Avant-Garde as part of the Séance Programme, Sunday OCT 3 2010.

More on Lewis Klhar here.

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